Drills with "Little Mo"

For those of you that missed it, the first session with “Little Mo” on Friday, August 6th was a huge success.  The session was on volleys, and you could see how the players improved as they went back through the line the second, third and fourth time (in just the first 30 minutes).  What really made the clinic special was Mo Garcia’s feedback..   

The themes/shots for the next 6 sessions with “Little Mo” will be:

August 16th - Return of Serve, down the line (Forehand and Backhands).

August 23rd - Dink's with a purpose, hitting your target spots (Forehand and Backhands).

August 30th - Half Volley soft drop, Half Volley drives.

September 13th - Overhead smash, Volley snap at the kitchen.

September 27th - 3rd Shot drop (Forehand and Backhand) 

October (TBD) - - Specialty shots (Various Big Mo Shot choices)

The three remaining sessions in August are already booked!  .

Besides all of his expertise, Mo brings a lot of “stuff” to the clinic  -  “Little Mo” the ball machine - a hopper - bag of extra balls - cables - ball picker-upper.  Anyone attending the clinics please be on the lookout - so you can give Mo a helping hand bringing everything in from his car.  Thanks.

Again - great session - has everything a player could want in a clinic -  feedback and reps.   Best $5 you will ever spend on pickleball!

Sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4aada929a7fa7-newplayer and pay at the Odell Weeks front desk.  Please present the instructor with a receipt when you get to the gym.  Drills with "Little Mo"  are held on Court #1.